We are looking for exceptional applicants who have a strong background in areas such as computer vision, machine learning, and robotics. Applicants for the postdoctoral scholar position need to have a strong publication record at the relevant conferences and journals. Many problems studied in our group have a strong interdisciplinary component. See our research page for an overview of the projects that we are working on. Review of applications will start immediately, and continue until the positions are filled.

Applications to Ph.D. positions

If you are interested in applying for a Ph.D. position in our group and have (or expect to obtain soon) a M.Sc. degree or equivalent, please submit an application to


  • your CV and transcripts and
  • contact information for two referees

Applications to Postdoctoral Scholar positions

If you are interested in applying for a postdoc position, please send an email to


  • your CV including publication list,
  • contact information for two referees and a
  • cover letter describing any prior research experience and why you are interested in our group.

Applications for master thesis, HIWI jobs, and Internships

To learn more about the research done in the group, consult the publication page for more details. If you are interested in any of these topics, you can send us an application. Please attach your CV and a recent transcript of records to your application.

If you wish to propose your own topic, please contact our members directly.

We will respond to your request in 2 weeks if there is a good match. 

We also have a range of topics below that we are actively recruiting people for.

Multi-task learning

Sensor fusion (LiDAR, Radar, Event Camera, RGB Camera)

Domain adaptation

Vision in adverse weather/lighting conditions

Real-world Vision Systems

Robust Object Recognition under Sun Glare

Deeply learned Hyperspectral Image Compression

Data annotation for semantic image segmentation

Data annotation for 3D LiDAR-based semantic segmentation